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How to ask fresco question?

By now you have explored our Fresco Techniques Tutorials and Guides Published here (if not do so - the answer is there), but it seems like there is still a question?

Do not worry this page is just for that! Here is what to do:

  • Open the Fresco Technique Tutorials in a New Window (click here)
  • Find the chapter (page) that your question's answer should be in.
  • Copy the URL of that page from your Browser's Navigation Bar.
  • Return to this page and paste the URL into the "Ask Fresco Question!" box of the form below.
  • Ask (type) your question into the box below the URL you just pasted in the step above.
  • Repeat steps above for next question
  • When done, click "Ask Fresco Question!" Button to send a form.

Yes, We Know... This site is FAR from being completed, in fact as you perhaps noticed..., - we just started publishing Fresco Techniques Tutorials & Guides. Please do not be disappointed, we will be publishing on chapter-by-chapter basis untill it is done. Hopefully by this Spring everything will be up and running. For the moment use form below to ask your questions and/or SEND US YOUR SUGGESTIONS! (use the same form)

or subscribe for updates (bottom of this page) and we will let you know when the site is ready.

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fresco painter, sculptor

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