Decorative Fresco Tile - a work of art and the best teaching tool

"There is NO difference in chemical process that takes place while you paint in buon fresco; whether it as a wall, a panel or a decorative fresco tile."

iLia Anossov (fresco)

Decorative Fresco Tile is an amazing learning and practice fresco tool! This is where you start. With minimum of expense fresco student is able to study the color, form, values at the minimum expense using materials available in local masonry stores.

The results are amazing and unique to the nature of plaster even a most simple ones are highly decorative and mesmerizing on it's own and even more when framed. Decorative Fresco tile is a beautiful stand along art piece and the only "decorative" in it is the size, from simple color sketch or element study for large fresco to highly realistic portraits is the range of the Fresco Tile.