Fresco Studio Setup.

There are many similarities in fresco versus other mediums studio setup, however there also quite a few things that differ.

Mostly some extra suff that you will need to have and ways to keep plaster and plaster dust away from the rest of the studio. Also you will need a few shelves for storing fresco colors and pigments - that old box housing a pile of paint tubes, just wont do.

Ideally you will have a few plastic shelving units (available in most home/office stores) with drawers size about 10" wide 3" deep and 14" long for your dry pigments. A separate heavy duty shelf with table for your plastering and about 6'X 6' section of the wall prepared with scratch and arriccio plaster coats for practice.

Also you will need a drafting table (can be any table) and 8'X 8' wall section to work on your fresco cartoons and to line up with a cork board when it is time to perforate the cartoon tracings (cork board can also be layed flat on the table or floor).

Lets compile a list of everything you will have in ideal situation, later in this chapter I will break it down into smaller sections "decorative boun fresco tile studio setup", "buon fresco panel studio setup" and "wall/ceiling buon fresco studio setup" as well as provide descriptions of items in the list.

General Fresco Studio Setup List

  • 3 Foldable Tables

  • 2 shelving units

  • 3-4 sets of plastic drawers (usually 4 3X10X14 drawers in a set)

  • 2 sets of halogen lights

  • projector (for enlarging)

  • light box (for tracing)

  • strong floor easel

  • table easel

  • mounted fresco practice wall panel 6'X 6'

  • mounted cork board (8'X 4' or so)

  • tree 20 gallon buckets (Home Depot)

  • few 5 gallon and 2 gallon buckets

  • fresco materials

  • fresco plastering tools & equipment

Below is the "ideal diagram" (if you have a large studio) of basic fresco studio floorplan. However if your studio is small, you can use the diagram as reference and perhaps move "plaster room" to the garage.


work tables and shelves




Mixing Area











Practice (or Strappo) Fresco Wall


Working Wall - cartoon & perforating




Color Table




work tables and shelves


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